Instructor FAQ

  1. What are the course rules for teaching a Managing Mental Health Crisis Course?
  2. What are the responsibilities of Managing Mental Health Trainers?
  3. Can my sponsoring agency collect registration fees to offset costs associated with facilitating a Managing Mental Health Crisis Course?
  4. How do I certify participants that have successfully completed a MMHC class?
  5. Is this class MCOLES approved for law enforcement training funds?
  6. Can my agency split the two days of training for operational purposes?


  • Materials in this course will be taught in their entirety. Lesson plans, PowerPoints, and handouts will not be altered, except in circumstances where local CMH resources must be identified to benefit course participants.
  • This course will be taught in law enforcement/mental health professional teams to maximize the effectiveness of this course.
  • Only certified trainers will teach this course.
  • Course materials will not be disseminated to non-certified trainers.


Trainers are teams of Law Enforcement and CMH Managing Mental Health Crisis instructors which have the knowledge and skills required to instruct and certify course participants.


  • Schedule and facilitate training sessions within their agency, local jurisdiction or throughout the State of Michigan as a partnering private training provider.
  • Administer, collect and report evaluation results, certification forms and class roster information for MMHC courses.


  • Successfully complete a certified MMHC Train the Trainer course.


MMHC Host Agencies may charge a registration fee of up to $450.00 per participant to offset materials, facility, printing and operational costs associated with conducting this training.


  1. Submit the course using the Course Submission Form PRIOR to the class date .
  2. In order to be certified, participants must:
    1. Complete the class roster form for each day of attendance.
    2. Complete a course evaluation form.
  3. In order to certify participants, instructors must:
    1. Teach the complete course as defined in the lesson plan without deviation.
    2. Scan all class rosters and course evaluations into a single PDF file.
    3. Complete the Course Roster & Evaluation Form with pdf attachment.
  4. Following submission of forms, supporting documents and certification fees:
    1. The certification management authority will review all documents.
    2. The certification management authority will report training information to MCOLES via the MITN system.
    3. The certification management authority will email certificates of completion to all participants.


This Course is MCOLES approved for law enforcement training funds (ID: MIIS-MMHC).


MMHC allows for agencies to split the two training days with no more than seven (7) days between training days. It is highly recommended that a short assignment is given to participants to be completed during the break. This is assignment generally related to identifying mental health self-care resources available.