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Webinar: Assisted outpatient Treatment (Recording)

Webinar: Assisted Outpatient Treatment

September 28th, 20211:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

This webinar focuses on Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) in an effort to educate and proliferate the advantages of utilizing this extremely helpful tool.

The webinar will have keynote addresses by Administrator Emeritus Milton Mack (SCAO) and Dr. Debra Pinals (Medical Director of Behavioral Health and Forensic Programming for MDHHS).

The webinar is moderated by Chief Justice Bridget McCormack (Lt. Governor’s Joint Taskforce on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration).

Speaker Panel

Genesee County is recognized as one of the Michigan counties that has operationalized and seen the benefits that AOT can offer. Representatives from Genesee County’s Probate Court, Law Enforcement, Natural Support, Hospital System and CMH will serve on the webinar panel to share their AOT experiences with other Michigan communities.

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Big Changes for Mental Health Training in Michigan!

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Mental Health Diversion Council and the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) are teaming up with NAMI  and various local subject matter experts and training vendors to develop a new behavioral health crisis training for first responders. This program will include 4 hours of self-paced training, 8 hours of classroom experience and 8 hours of scenario based training. 

Managing Mental Health Crisis proudly supports this new program and is grateful for the opportunity to assist with the program development. The new program will be piloted in Summer 2021 and available statewide in 2021 Q4.

In support of this statewide training initiative, Managing Mental Health Crisis is suspending two courses, Managing Mental Health Crisis and our Autism & Intellectual Development Disorders courses. Dynamics of Addiction will still be offered through the end of 2021.

More information to come!

MDHSS Mental Health Diversion Council: Webinar Series

Managing Mental Health Crisis is proud to support the MDHHS: Mental Health Diversion Council’s webinar series spotlighting Interdisciplinary Partnerships and Collaboration efforts throughout the State of Michigan. You can watch the first webinar with panelists representing Marquette, Monroe County and Oakland County here:

20181017_103748.jpgManaging Mental Health Crisis is a two-day course designed to provide law enforcement personnel with the foundational knowledge and skills required to identify and manage persons in a mental health crisis. Developed in coordination with mental health and law enforcement professionals, this course is based on the “Police Response to Mental Health” curriculum utilized in the State of Massachusetts to train over 15,000 law enforcement professionals. The curriculum has been revised to reflect Michigan law and address the needs of Michigan law enforcement professionals.

Managing Mental Health Crisis is co-instructed by a mental health and law enforcement professional to ensure that the training objectives of the course are met and delivered from an appropriate source.

Managing Mental Health Crisis is MCOLES approved and has been vetted and endorsed by the Lt. Governor’s Mental Health Diversion Council and the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA).


In partnership with the Lt. Governor’s Mental Health Diversion Council and MMRMA, Managing Mental Health Crisis is offered as a train the trainer course to Michigan law enforcement agencies with the intention of having all law enforcement professionals in the state trained in mental health response.

By sending a team of trainers to a Managing Mental Health Crisis Train the Trainer course, your agency will have the ability to teach this course as an in-service training for law enforcement professionals within your organization and region. All course materials needed to teach the course are provided following successful completion of the Train the Trainer course.

This training has been registered with MCOLES for the use of PA 302 Law Enforcement Distribution Funds. (ID: MIIS-MMHC)

This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative – Approval #111920-02. The Collaborative is the approving body for the Michigan Board of Social Work. (12 CE’s)