Committee Charter

Advisory Committee Name

Managing Mental Health Crisis (MMHC) Advisory Committee.

Governing Body

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)

The MMHC Advisory Committee serves at the pleasure of the governing body.

Advisory Committee Mission

The MMHC Advisory Committee provides oversight on matters related to the MMHC course and supplement courses with the intention of preserving course fidelity, providing quality mental health crisis instruction to law enforcement agencies, and supporting the larger diversion efforts of the State of Michigan.

Advisory Committee Vision

To support the provision of training to all Michigan law enforcement personnel with the knowledge, skills, and techniques required to provide safe, effective, and equitable service to persons with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

Advisory Committee Purpose

The committee is created for the purpose of working with the contracted service provider (The Cardinal Group II) and shall limit its activities to advising on matters that directly concern the instructional program.

Advisory Committee Membership

The structure of the Advisory Committee is designed to ensure the best representation of law enforcement and mental health stakeholders. This structure is intended to provide adequate voice and insight into matters related to law enforcement response to persons with mental illness.

Two (2) Co-Chair positions to be filled by a MDHHS designee and a Managing Course Authority (The Cardinal Group II) designee.

No less than ten (10) and no more than fifteen (15) members, which represent, but are not limited to, the following stakeholder groups:

  • Michigan Municipal Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices (4)
  • Human Services Agencies or Contracted Providers of the State (2)
  • Community Mental Health and Mental Health Professionals (4)
  • Law Enforcement Risk Management Organizations (2)
  • Mental Health Consumer/Advocates/Family Members (2)
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (1)
  • Michigan State Police

Stakeholder group numbers included in this charter are a recommendation for the formulation of the committee. MDHHS reserves the right to adjust stakeholder group membership numbers as necessary to achieve the mission of the committee.

Advisory Committee Authority

The MMHC Advisory Committee will evaluate course information and make recommendations to the MDHHS based the following:

  • Review data related to the MMHC and supplemental courses to ensure training fidelity.
  • Review current research, legislation and promising practices and make recommendations to ensure course materials are relevant and reflective of stakeholder needs.
  • Review Master Trainer and Trainer evaluation data and make recommendations related to continued certification beyond minimum requirements.
  • Review requests made by participating agencies to alter, revise or update course material to ensure course structure is conducive to state wide immersion and larger diversion efforts within the State of Michigan.
  • Review and make recommendations on any relevant issue raised by the MDHHS not specifically addressed in this section.

Advisory Committee Decision-Making Process

The Advisory Committee will use a simple majority of the voting membership present, unless fewer than 50% of the Advisory Committee is present. Presence by teleconference is permissible for voting purposes.

Any decision that has been delegated to the Advisory Committee is subject to the approval of the MDHHS to ensure that recommendations are aligned with related MDHHS initiatives and state-wide diversion efforts.

Advisory Committee Communications

The Advisory Committee will communicate, as appropriate, with the MDHHS and the MMHC Managing Authority. The purpose of this communication will be to receive and provide information related to the work of the committee and to seek input and feedback as needed.

Advisory Committee Appointments

Initial Appointment Process: Organizations representing each of the aforementioned stakeholder groups will forward nominees for appointment to representatives of MDHHS. Criteria for appointment will include interest and experience in the area of mental health crisis response and interface with law enforcement. Appointments will be at the sole discretion of the MDHHS. Appointments shall last for a three (3) year term.

Replacement Appointment Process: In the event of a vacancy on the Advisory Committee. A replacement nominee will be requested from the appropriate stakeholder group. Approval of replacement appointments will be at the sole discretion of the MDHHS.

Advisory Committee Meetings

The MMHC Advisory Committee will meet at minimum of three (3) times per year at locations determined by the Managing Authority. The Managing Authority will strive to identify times and locations which best suit the needs of the Committee and its membership.

The Managing Authority shall be tasked with facilitating the meetings, sending calendar invitations and providing the agenda for each meeting.

MMHC Advisory Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend all meetings but are required to attend a minimum of two (2) meetings per year. Failure to meet this minimum requirement may result in forfeiture of membership. Members which foresee an inability to attend meetings may send a replacement designee from their agency or organization with prior approval from the Advisory Committee Co-Chairs.

The MMHC Advisory Committee and the MDHHS reserve the right to extend invitations to individuals and/or organizations to participate in Advisory Committee meetings with the intention of furthering the mission of the committee. Invited participants are encouraged to actively participate in committee discussions, but will not vote or fulfill other committee member responsibilities.